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React Native App Development

We us React to creative native applications for iOS & Android.

Being open minded and creative is critical when it comes to operating and staying competitive with your business.  Before you assume this isn’t for you, let us point out a few reasons to reconsider.

Many owners and operators are quick to cut corners to save money, but at what cost?  There’s a reason marketing agencies like ours exist.  They key is finding the right company that gets you a return on your investment.

Imagine the possibilities and what could be possible when you take your awesome product or service and combine it with the power of a successful creative marketing agency.

What is React Native App Development?

React Native” is an open-source framework which allows developers to build mobile apps using JavaScript. We can create truly native apps and doesn’t compromise on your users’ experience.

What are the benefits of a React Native App Development?

We prefer using React Native to develop apps because it is an open-source platform.  That means that all documentation related to its’ technology is open for everyone and available for free to the community.  Within this community, developers can share their experiences and interact with one another, which ultimately gives us the ability to write better code.

This framework is very convenient. Developers don’t need to build a separate mobile app for each platform, as almost 90 percent of React Native code can be used across iOS and Android.

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Cross platform development

React Native allows customized code reusability. You can reuse 90% of your native code between IOS and android.

Why an app?

In 2019, people spent roughly 90% of their mobile time using apps.

It's all about mobile.

The amount of time spent on the internet continues to rise, but the time split between mobile and desktop is also increasing. Desktop internet usage is falling while mobile internet usage continues to rise.

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Let’s Look at General Pricing

We understand that most business decisions ultimately come down to value & cost.  Below you’ll find general pricing options for our web design services.  Pricing will vary based off your project details and the scope of work.

  • Basic Development
  • $ 80 /hr
    • Basic Development.

      Basic development.  No specialty or advanced knowledge needed.

  • Enhanced Development
  • $ 100 /hr
    • Enhanced Development.

      Enhanced development for a more experienced developer.

  • Complex Development
  • $ 150 /hr
    • Complex Development.

      Super experienced developers needed to write complex code to achieve your project’s goals.

  • Other
  • $ TBD /Monthly
    • If you have custom design needs, we can come up with flexible pricing to help you accomplish your business goals.  Let’s schedule a quick call to talk about your project so we can get you custom pricing.

Sample Projects

By our team, For our clients

Below you’ll find samples from real projects we’ve completed for real clients.  Click on an image to see the details of any project.

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