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“A Dude and a Mike” Podcast

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teachings. preachings. unsolicited advice.

About the Show

“A Dude and a Mike”  is a podcast of what’s often referred to as ‘teachings, preachings and unsolicited advice’.   The show is centrally focused on giving business advice to entrepreneurs and other like minded individuals.

The show is hosted by Michael DeLucca, Creative Director here at BM Innovations.  Every week Mike shares his insight on a different topic ranging from the “do’s and don’ts” in business, marketing advice and more.  For added value and perspective, Mike brings guests from different industries and backgrounds on the show that always prove to be entertaining.

For more information about Michael DeLucca and his credentials, you can read his full bio.  We hope you enjoy the show and encourage you to subscribe below for weekly updates.

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Where You Can Listen

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This podcast was recorded and produced by BM Innovations.  For more information on how to have us create your podcast for you, check out BMI’s Podcast Service.

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Teachings, Preachings & Unsolicited Advice

The do’s and don’ts of marketing as well as a few tips & tricks.  

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