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American Energy and Solar Mortgage Calculator

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Client: American Energy and Solar

Project: Custom Solar Mortgage Calculator

Project Specs:

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • Zillow API Integration
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Solar Cost Calculator
  • Formidable Form Pro Integration
  • Custom Graphics

About This Project

American Energy and Solar is a Las Vegas-based company that wants to provide affordable and high quality solar energy by allowing new customers the ability to wrap their solar equipment, energy storage and installation costs into their homes refi.  They enlisted our services in summer 2020 to build a fully custom mortgage and solar calculator.

The Result

American Energy and Solar wanted to create a calculator that would show a customer’s potential savings if they were to refinance their home in todays market with the included expense of a new solar panel installation.  The potential customer would need to supply their current home value, current mortgage balance, monthly mortgage payment, monthly energy bill, and credit score.  From those values we were able to pull their new interest rate (through a Zillow API Integration), and calculate their new monthly mortgage payment, Solar Panel system size, and cost, out of pocket expenses, their new loan total, as well as their monthly and yearly potential savings, tax incentives and cash rebates.  All of these results are calculated in real time and displayed to the user as they enter their data.  The calculator is also fully integrated with the client’s MailChimp account and synced to an email notification system that would notify admin when the form had been filled out with the potential client’s relevant information.

On this page, you’ll find images and / or video(s) of this project.  All documentation of this project was taken at the time of completion. 


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