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Ranking High On Google Is Not A One Time Fix

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BM Innovations Search Engine Optimization Techniques

So, your website has just been built, you see your site visitor count going up and you think you are all set to “set it and forget it.” However, after an initial honeymoon period (to give you a taste of how valuable Google traffic is), your traffic count has plummeted and your ranking has slumped into obscurity. One major question is often asked, is SEO a one time thing? Simply put, it’s an ongoing process. That is because ranking high on Google is not a “set it and forget it” task. 

The only ways to gain visibility is to actively promote your website in a manner that Google will reward with rankings. That is going to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and/or pay Google directly in a kind of ‘auction’ for rankings called Google AdWords Pay Per Click. Fear not, BM Innovations in an expert in both. 

At BM Innovations we supply a search engine friendly website design and development service. When we launch your site, we ensure Google, Yahoo and Bing find the site and index it accordingly. We ensure your site is promoted to all the search engines before project end. We will also ensure your site is built in a way Google can “read,” so all pages on your website, and new pages created later, are seen in Google search results. This is what it means to have a search engine friendly website design. We have never launched a site that does not feature in Google. 

Please note, a search engine friendly website design does not make up a SEO Agreement between BM Innovations and any company. As site ranking requires continual monitoring to be effective, any SEO client of BM Innovations is recommended to choose between one of our multi-month packages to continually promote and tweak their site to generate leads from their new site. SEO is about competing in the search engines for keywords. This requires constant analysis over time. 

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, requiring addition of new fresh content, constant modification of website content, changes to site architecture and link building (this is a subset of search engine marketing). All these together build traffic to a site, and are necessary to generate leads from a site. To put it in simple terms, once the site is launched, you need to work at it to get leads from your site. The project is not finished on launch day. You do not just sit back and expect leads from the site (especially if you are not promoting the site offline). 

Once your site is live, every business needs to: 

  1. Promote the site themselves once it is live. This means friends, family, social media, blogs, comments, in person, etc. 
  1. Get QUALITY links to it from other websites to increase Google trust. Leave comments on other sites. Network with similar industries. Promote their site in exchange for their promotions. Get savvy. 
  1. Most importantly you need to add content to it regularly. This done best by creating blog post with internal and external links. 

Make no mistake, BM Innovations is an advocate of effective, simple SEO. Do this and you will enjoy ever increased leads from your site. Do nothing to promote after it has been launched, and you will get little traffic to it. A website does not generate free traffic alone, it must be nurtured continuously.  

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