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Five Fresh Branding Tips to Market Your Business


Branding yourself and your business, which for some go hand and hand, is essential to increasing your client base and finding new opportunities. Over the last decade, we saw a shift from print and television-based marketing, to digital and social platforms. This has us wondering what the next decade will hold.

We know one thing is certain, that the digital world will only get bigger and this means your business needs branding that will stand out. If you’re looking for ways to keep your brand innovative, we have 5 fresh branding tips for you to begin implementing now!

Get Real With Your Content

A great way to elevate your brand is by doing away with perfectly photoshopped and curated images. People are growing tired of the highlight reel. 51% of consumers believe businesses lack authentic content, but 90% of consumers desire it. As a resulting trend, more and more brands are turning to images that haven’t been over-edited to better reflect reality.⁠

Get Clear What Your Company Does

Illustration of an elevator pitch.So few businesses are able to articulate what it is they do and who they do it for without slipping into their robot PR jargon that any potential client can find on their “About Us” page. Shine a human light on your product or service by focusing on the what and who for, coupled with why someone should trust you and your company over anyone else.⁠

Try not to sound too “pitchy” unless you’re actually pitching your product to an investor or crowd. Simply: know your product, know what your brand is and what it stands for, and stand behind your brand. ⁠You also don’t want to lose your audience by giving an advanced explanation they can’t grasp. Make sure you explain it in the simplest form so that even a 5-year-old can understand. ⁠

Show Up Where Your Customers Are

You cannot always use marketing channels that are trending or popular. You have to show up where your target audience is. Which community is the most relevant to them at this moment? Which websites do they follow? Which challenges are they facing?⁠

For instance, we worked with someone who couldn’t figure out why here marketing efforts weren’t converting. They spent a lot of money on Instagram and Facebook marketing with very little return. After some analysis, we revealed that the majority of their clients have been coming from Pinterest. By investing more in marketing on Pinterest they were able to grow their brand and convert much faster. ⁠

Understand Your Customer and Their Needs

A great way to work on your branding is to identify what area of concern your product or service will help with. ⁠

A good example of this might be Duluth Trading Co.’s commercials. They start with addressing common issues of their ideal client: clothing that is too tight, too hot, too itchy, too short, etc. They then advertise their product as the SOLUTION to their concern. ⁠

Your willingness to truly see your buyer as they are will win you their business every time.⁠

Convert your customers and users into marketers.

User-generated content (UGC) is content created by users, not brands, and it’s the way of the future.  According to an AdWeek survey, 76% of people said they trusted content shared by “average” people more than by brands. Essentially, UGC acts like a customer testimonial, by showing off how happy your consumers are with your products or services. Big brands are picking up on this trend and filling their Instagram feed with photos taken by their own customers.

Having the proper branding and positioning your company as a leader in your industry takes time. If you want to learn more about how to apply these branding trends to your digital marketing strategy, schedule a time to talk to our experts about how we can help you grow your business this year.

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