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Zypp Website

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Client: Zypp

Project: Web Development – Custom Website

Other Services Rendered

    • Email Administration
    • AWS Web Hosting
    • Web Support
    • Full Stack Development
    • React
    • PHP
    • MySQL

About This Project

Zypp is an Los Angeles-based company that wanted to create a web application that allowed users to more easily manage their digital presence, particularly bookmarking and social media management.

Bookmarking on web browsers have a few issues: it is difficult to properly reference, not visual, not cloud-based, and not social. They should be easily managed, reference, and display for users to visually see and share.

There has been a huge rise in social media platforms and online services that have surfaced which resulted in our digital presence being fragmented into silos. Many of these platforms are actively being used my millions of individual users on a daily basis. Managing one’s own digital presence, as well as referencing others’, continues to become more difficult as more platforms surface.

The Result

In order to give bookmarks a visual aspect, they display as a collection of images in an organized grid. This grid displays on the user’s profile, where both users and visitors can see and reference. Each grid item is an associated bookmark. When clicked, users will be prompted before the bookmark is opened on a new tab.

Users can add a bookmark by clicking a button on their profile header and are then routed to a form page. Users will need to get the URL of their desired bookmark and paste it into an associated field. This URL will auto-generate an image and title from the source link if available. Users can easily change the image and title before saving the bookmark. Tags associated with the bookmark can be added as well giving users an extra point of reference.  Creating a bookmark should not have to be a multi-step process, so the only field required is the actual bookmark link. A live preview is available for the users to see before creating the bookmark. This gives users far more control over how they want to manage and display their bookmarks.

The most popular social media platforms and online services can be easily managed from the marketplace. The marketplace is available to add and remove any social media a user wants to manage and share. Once added from the marketplace, an icon associated with that media platform is added as a secondary navigation to the users’ profile.This secondary navigation can be viewed on every users’ profile. Users can visit other profile and have instant access to their digital presence.
Users can click on the icons on their own profile to manage their user information for the individual platform. Their information can be easily added, updated, and deleted any time, giving users full control of their information.

On this page, you’ll find images and / or video(s) of this project.  All documentation of this project was taken at the time of completion.  


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