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Essence Skincare Website

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Client: Essence Skincare

Project: Product Photography

Project Specs:

  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Web Support
  • Website Setup
  • Website Design
  • Website Optimization
  • Square Integration
  • Woo Commerce Integration
  • Ship station Integration
  • Configured inventory, taxes, shipping zones
  • Formidable Form Pro Integration
  • MailChimp Configuration

About This Project

Essence Skincare is a Las Vegas-based company dedicated to providing the best possible anti-aging skincare.  They requested for a clean and easy-to-navigate ecommerce skincare website. This client asked that we put an emphasis on their quality ingredients, which we made sure to highlight throughout their website.

During the build of the website, we provided them with various licensed images, as well as custom in-house made graphics and high quality product photography. Their website is small, only containing 2 products for their initial build. However, we made sure to provide them with a website that is fully responsive and scalable to a potentially larger website.

On this page, you’ll find images and / or video(s) of this project.  All documentation of this project was taken at the time of completion. 


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